HSEQ & Policies

Working Safely is in Our Veins

Our approach to Health and Safety is zero tolerance, we have an exemplary record and we wish to maintain our professional commitment to protecting our customers, the public and our employees and sub-contractor when working on client’s premises or construction sites.

Working safely run through our veins, from our Head of Commercial, contract managers, estimators down to our engineers.

We are constantly looking to improve our policies and procedures through rigorous compliance with the latest legislation and ensuring each job has been risk assessed and a method statement provided to our clients, employees and sub-contractors.

High Health & Safety Standards

Our commitment to promoting and ensuring a safe professional working environment is what our clients will expect when working with the GME Group. Our Head of Commercial manages and maintains our health & safety management system. We work closely with Simple Safety Advice Ltd, independent health & safety consultants. We ensure that our workforce meets the highest standards of health & safety. We leave no opportunity for error by producing a comprehensive set of health and safety documentation bespoke to each project.

Our Head of Commercial takes responsibility to ensure that both engineers and on-site management receive regular health & safety training to maintain compliance with the latest legislation and the strict policies and standards set by our clients.

To maintain a safe working environment for our employees, subcontractors and other trades we ensure they always have the correct PPE and equipment required to carry out the works in a safe manner.

We are very committed to taking responsibility to minimise environmental impact and we ensure that we carry out all work in a sustainable manner by ensuring we recycle or responsibly dispose of all on-site waste products.

Working in Local Communities

Our environmental impact matters to us particularly in the local communities that we work in. We recognise that minimising our carbon footprint is an important issue for our clients, our staff and the people who reside in these communities.

Therefore, we pay attention to noise, air and land pollution as a responsible environmental caring and considerate contractor. In our commitment to being honest and transparent to our customers, see below our policies on health & safety, environmental commitments and anti-bribery.

Key Policy Documents

Environmental Policy

This policy outlines our commitment to reducing our environmental impact on all of our projects. We aspire to be environmentally conscious and comply with legal requirements in all of our projects.

Health & Safety Policy

Our Health & Safety Policy outlines our working standards which should be adhered to in all our areas of work. This policy also ensures we are up-to-date with the latest working standards.

Anti-Bribery Policy

Outlining GME Group’s zero-tolerance policy towards anti-bribery in order to avoid corruption. We employ these practices in both commercial and domestic sectors.