Supply Chain

Innovative Supply Chain Solutions

As a growing group, we are always looking to have discussions with equipment suppliers, sub-contractors, and new technology companies who would like to be part of our evolving supply chain partnerships.

As equally important is working with trades, developing working partnerships with competitors and main contractors with a view to providing a more comprehensive approach to delivering our specialist range of services.

GME Group recognises the importance of the Supply Chain in ensuring customer satisfaction.

High Service Expectations

The customer expects great service as they are paying the supplier/installer to perfectly satisfy their needs, in that they receive a product/service that is fit for purpose, reliable and is delivered and installed on time.

A good supply chain that delivers innovative solutions, high-quality products, professionally installed and can provide suitable alternatives will deliver Value for Money for our clients.

If you wish to be part of our supply chain solutions, then please contact our Head of Commercial to arrange an exploratory meeting.