Boiler Servicing

All boilers should be serviced every 12 months to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty and to ensure that your boiler is working efficiently and safely.  If your boiler is not serviced regularly it could be running inefficiently, costing you extra money on your gas bills. Your boiler could also become unsafe putting both your family and home at risk.

Carbon monoxide is a real danger and gas appliances can leak this toxic gas. This is one of the main checks we carry out, to ensure you have nothing dangerous in your home that could cause harm. It is imperative that gas appliances are on the right setting and burn correctly with the correct operating pressure. We also check that any ventilation routes are clear and working properly, therefore ensuring that all the safety devices within your home are working correctly.

So to summarise, on a typical boiler service, we carry out the following:

  1. When we arrive at a customer’s property for a boiler service, the first  thing that we do is check your Gas meter with a ‘Tightness’ test to make sure that the system is correct
  2. We will then inspect your appliance and its controls to ensure that they are working correctly and how they should be
  3. We will test your Flue with a gas analyser to ensure that your appliance is operating correctly
  4. We will check the appliance in question for any wear & also leaks
  5. We then supply the customer with a Landlord / Home Owner gas safety record with all of the relevant details you will need for your Boiler / Gas hob / cooker etc.

We will advise you every year when your boiler is due for service, so you need never worry.

LPG Service and Installation Engineers

We are also qualified and accredited LPG service and installation engineers throughout East Sussex. We are a trading partner with Calor UK covering the local East Sussex and surrounding areas – perfect for all those rural areas, park and static homes. Also dual fuel appliances including range cookers, hobs and heating – anywhere there is restricted or no mains gas connection. We are able to assess and advise suitable systems and applications for your property.

We have our own inhouse accredited NICEIC approved electrical contractor. This covers any size of domestic electrical project and installation.

Boiler Breakdowns

GME Group offer boiler servicing in Heathfield and are on hand to help when you have no heating or hot water. We will always prioritise boiler breakdowns and will do everything that we can to get your heating and hot water back in working order. Please speak to one of our heating engineers. Based in Heathfield, we work throughout East Sussex, including the areas of Hailsham, Eastbourne, Uckfield, LewesCrowborough, down to Hastings and up to Tunbridge Wells in Kent.