Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

GME Group Limited, specialising in the installation of a comprehensive range of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions offer quality products at competitive prices. We provide fast and efficient solutions for charging your electric car or plug-in hybrid vehicle at home or work. We offer a wide range of EV charging products from leading brands

Bringing Renewable Energy to Electric Vehicles

GME Group Limited supports renewable energy so we now provide our customers with the most effortless and future-proof solutions for smart electric vehicle charging. Whether you need an electric vehicle charging unit installed in your home or you’re replacing your core fleet vehicles with electric ones and need a workplace EV charging service, we’ve got you covered. Our smart electric charging services enable you to make EV charging a seamless part of your everyday life and connect electric vehicles to the energy system.

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Specialist Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation

GME Group is passionate about helping developers, businesses, and homeowners take advantage of cheaper, greener driving. Whether you’re an architect or developer, business owner, or fleet manager, we can help you meet environmental targets and find the most cost-effective electric charging solutions so contact us today for more information.

Electric Car Charging At Home

GME Group provides you the best solutions for electric vehicle charging at home. Installing the best home EV chargers in and around East Sussex and Kent.

Electric Car Charging for Busines

GME Group provides a range of commercial electric car charging points for business. Installing the best EV chargers in and around East Sussex and Kent.

Areas we Provide EV Charger Solutions Too

Based in Horam, East Sussex, we install electric vehicle charging points throughout the whole of East Sussex and Kent, including Heathfield, Hailsham, Eastbourne, Bexhill, Lewes, Hastings, Crowborough, Uckfield and Ashford.

Our Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers are Compatible with all Plug-in Electric Vehicles:

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Eligible for the OLEV Charging Grant?

The electric vehicle smart chargers we provide are all accredited by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) meaning they qualify for the Home Charge Grant. You can reduce the cost of your Home Charger by £350 (from 1st April 2020) providing you have off-street parking and your plug-in vehicle was purchased after 1st October 2016.

So by installing an electric vehicle charge point you can save £350 with an OLEV grant for your home or business under The Electric Vehicle Home charge Scheme (EVHS) for homes and the Workplace Charging Scheme for businesses. To qualify for the EVHS, you must meet certain criteria including:

  • Your electric car/van or plug-in hybrid vehicle must be on the eligible vehicles list
  • Your property must have connected off-street parking such as a garage, driveway or allocated parking space
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Charging an Electric Car at Home

As long as you have off-street parking, you can charge your electric car at home by having a dedicated home charger installed by GME Group. This is usually the most convenient place to charge, particularly when you can plug-in overnight.

A dedicated home charging point will give you the fastest possible charging speeds, typically between 10 and 30 miles of range per hour plugged in. It will have built-in safety features and, if it’s Wi-Fi enabled, access to additional smart features like energy monitoring and over-the-air software updates.

Electric cars can also be plugged into a standard 3-pin plug at home, however, it takes longer to charge and the sockets do not have the required safety features of a dedicated charger, therefore it is not considered best practice.

Workplace EV Charging Units

For businesses wanting to future-proof their premises and improve their green credential which GME Group always try to encourage, we offer a wide range of commercial electric vehicle charging points. There is also a grant available called the Workplace Charging Scheme.

Contact Us Regarding Your EV Charging Requirements

If you are interested in a home or commercial electric vehicle charging units, please get in contact with GME Group on 01435 868988 and we will arrange a suitable time for one of our representatives to call you or visit your workplace and go through the various options available to you.