Landlords Property Maintenance

Services to Landlords & Property Portfolios

GME Group have a Landlords Property Maintenance System to take care of you (the landlord) thus making your tenants lives easier.

If tenants were to have problems with either their heating or hot water, then we can help. When their boiler is due for a service and you require a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate, then GME Group can definitely assist you.

As Landlords, you must, under Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 maintain the property to a fair and reasonable standard. You must keep in repair the exterior and structure of the house (including drains, gutters and external pipes).

Landlords Property Maintenance System
General maintenance

Keep in repair and proper working order the installations in the dwelling for the supply of water, gas and electricity. This is also true for all sanitation (including basins, sinks, baths and sanitary conveniences) and to keep in repair and proper working order all heating and hot water systems.

General maintenance will keep the property in good condition and make it more attractive to rent to people, and it is a known fact that tenants look after a property that is in good condition, rather than one in a poor state.

Legally, you cannot do all the work yourself GME Group will set up a contract with you, the landlord, to ensure the boiler in your property is in tip top condition, supplying you with the necessary Gas Safety Certificate and deal with any plumbing or heating problems that may happen from time to time.

Easy Property Maintenance

We offer an easy system that works for all parties involved.

Please give us a call on 01435 868988 to discuss landlord boiler cover with our Landlord Property Maintenance System to see if this is something that could work for you.

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Easy Property Maintenance