Renewable Energy Solutions

Green Energy Solutions

GME Group are fully qualified to install Ground Source Heating, Air Source Heating and Solar Heating Systems.

We are fitting an ever-increasing number of these systems in our customer’s homes and premises.

We believe here at GME Group that this is the most environmentally friendly way of delivering your energy needs for the future with regards to the home, businesses, industry and public sector.

We provide solar PV solutions across a wide range of sectors, such as house building, construction, commercial and public sector for a range of outcomes, such as energy efficiency, environmental considerations and specific financial benefits.

Each system is performing to the same high standards as other equipment that we install.


Design & Survey

It is essential that an in-depth site survey is conducted by experienced/qualified personnel prior to purchasing to ensure the technology that you have chosen is sized appropriately to maximise its efficiency. All of surveyors are highly experienced in their fields and know exactly what to look out for, meaning they can give you the best options moving forward.

You can arrange a site survey by calling GME Group on 01435 868988 or by email at Alternatively, get in touch with us via our contact page, and someone will get back to you.

If you wish to explore the possibilities of having your own renewable solution, please contact us and you can talk directly to one of our specialist consultants who can help you to design your own solution. There are many options available that can be fully integrated with a wide range of renewable technologies and high-efficiency fossil fuel systems.

Once we have an understanding of your requirements, we can advise you whether a renewable system is both possible and financially viable providing you with a bespoke solution and estimated costs to meet your expectation and budget.


GME Group supply and install domestic renewable energy products including; air source heat pumps, ground-source heat pumps, and solar thermal systems. These can be installed alongside traditional heating appliances or as a complete renewable solution. We provide a qualified renewable energy installer to help advise you through every step of the installation process.

It is important you make the right choices with renewables, and we offer easy and simple advice from our experts to help you select the right solution for your property and includes full design and project plan as part of our service. Our installers have all been trained by the manufacturers on the systems we install, as well giving you the best knowledge available for your new investment.

Renewable energy


The construction and use of our homes has a strong environmental impact and is particularly important with global climate challenges to reduce our carbon footprint. We now need to give careful consideration to, water use, waste generation and use of polluting materials being just a few factors that contribute towards warming of our climate.

These problems can be significantly reduced through the integration of higher sustainable products. At GME Group, we are able to fully assist in contributing to more sustainable homes by careful design of renewable energy systems. These are all designed to cut down installation costs.


  • Lower running costs compared to traditional heating methods such as oil, LPG and electric
  • Homeowners could benefit from incentives such as the RHI Scheme
  • Heat pumps perform best with underfloor heating, a luxurious feature that can be appealing to potential buyers
  • Heat pumps and their installation are eligible for 5% VAT opposed to the standard VAT rate fro traditional heating systems and 0% VAT on new build properties
  • With New Build Properties, heat pumps can easily be integrated with your design and are suitable for virtually all new build properties using modern building practices
  • Combining the installation with others building work in new build properties can reduce the cost of installing the heat pump system
  • The flexibility of heat pumps means they can be used with either underfloor heating radiators or a combination of the two

Additional Considerations

  • Equipment is best positioned in a plant room, utility room or a garage
  • Heat pumps may not be the most cost-effective option for properties which already have a mains power supply
  • With Renovations, using existing radiators is possible but may require an upgrade to effectively distribute the heat
  • Insulation must be to a high standard on renovation properties
  • Heat pumps may not be the most cost-effective option for properties which already have a mains gas supply
  • Using existing radiators is possible but may require an upgrade to effectively distribute the heat.