The Benefits of Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Energy

The ground is an amazing source of energy. It can be a great heat source in winter as well as keeping things cool in summer. It can also be used to moderate temperatures in the buildings that stand on it.

Having a ground source heat pump installed in your home will provide a clean way to heat your building, whether domestic or commercial. It will be free from carbon emissions and it makes use of solar energy stored within the ground. Making this one of the most energy-efficient ways of heating a building. The whole premise around a ground source heat pump is that the solar is recharged from within the ground, which will be continuous.

They can also be reversed in the hot summer months to provide you with cooling energy.

The only energy used by having a ground source heat pump is electricity. Which will power the compressor and the circulation pumps, which transfer heat energy from the ground into the building. A well-designed ground source heat pump installation will deliver three or four times as much thermal energy (heat) as is used in electrical energy, to drive the system.

Having been used worldwide for some time now, they are relatively new in the UK. Typically, they cost more to install, as does everything these days! However, ongoing, they have very few maintenance costs and you will hope to receive safe reliable and emission-free heating for over 20 years.

They work really well with underfloor heating as these are run with lower water delivery temperature.

The Benefits of Ground Source Heat Pumps

They will save you money!

They will also save space as there are no fuel storage requirements. You won’t need to manage fuel deliveries and there is no risk of any fuel being stolen.

Heat pumps save carbon emissions. Unlike burning oil, gas or LPG, a heat pump produces no carbon emissions on site. In fact no carbon emissions at all, if a renewable source of electricity is used to power them.

Heat pumps are therefore a safe way to heat your home or other building. There is no combustion involved and no potentially harmful gases.

They have a longer life than combustion boilers. The ground heat exchanger element of a ground source heat pump installation should have a design life of over 100 years!

A well designed ground source heat pump system is also very likely to increase the sale value of your property.

Next steps

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