Underfloor Heating

At GME Group Ltd, we are qualified to install underfloor heating within your home. Whether it is in the kitchen, utility room, the bathroom or an ensuite, we will advise on the best system to use that will be the most beneficial and economical for your home.


Many kitchens can lack warmth. Obviously, the use of ovens and hobs will assist in keepingthem warm, but often, there will be a back door, increasing drafts and ensuring that the heart of your home is often left slightly cooler than you would like.

Ceramic tiles look great in your kitchen, but can be very cold underfoot, especially in the winter months.  When designing a new kitchen, there may not be room to fit a radiator large enough to heat your kitchen; all the walls may be fitted with wall cupboards and base units, meaning no space is left available for fitting a radiator, or other way of heating it. Underfloor heating will be an effective solution as it will ensure you can utilise all the walls and fill the space needed. Those cold ceramic floor tiles will then be warm enough to keep you warm at all times. During the colder periods, keep them on a low heat to ensure a consistent warmth coming through.


Similar, in your new bathroom or ensuite, there is nothing more luxurious than having underfloor heating. Of course, you can have heated towel rails as well, but underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular in residential homes, renovations as well as new builds. The quality and standards are being raised; everyone expects these type of luxury appliances to be fitted as standard. GME Group receive many enquiries for installation of underfloor heating as well as heated towel rails.

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